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Unique Holiday Gifts for the Geek in Your Family

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Geeky is the new cool! Not sure what to get the science enthusiast on your list? Check out these awesome science-themed holiday gifts for kids (and adults) of all ages.

For Science Prodigies, Ages 0 — 4

Get your kids interested in science while they’re young with these geeky toys that are perfect for holiday gifts.

Periodic Table Building Blocks

You know you want your kid’s first word to be Praseodymium. Your young one can learn one of the building blocks of science, the periodic table, with these periodic table building blocks. $35 from Amazon.

periodic table building blocksSource: Gizmodo

Teach Coding at a Young Age

Fisher-Price came out with a new child’s toy aimed at teaching kids to code. While playing with the Code-A-Pillar, kids will think that they are simply playing, when in reality the are learning valuable problem-solving skills. The Code-A-Pillar does various things based on which way you arrange its segments. You can find it at Toys R Us  for about $50.

kids coding, STEM, STEM toysSource: Toys R Us

Plush Organs

What plush toy could be better at stealing your little one’s affection than a plush heart? These plush organs also come in other varieties too, like stomach, brain and lungs. They’re available from Uncommon Goods for $18.

Source: PopsugarSource: Popsugar

Glow-in-the-Dark Moon Decal

The moon is the world’s nightlight. Now, your child can have their very own mini-moon for their bedroom. This decal is strikingly realistic and glows in the dark. Get it on Amazon for $20.

moon, holiday gift, science giftSource: Amazon

For Elementary School Aged Science Fans

The science most kids learn at this age is elementary, but they’ll go beyond that with these ultra-cool gifts.

3D Doodler Pen

 Kids can get seriously creative with the 3Doodler 3D pen. Instead of ink, the pen releases a thin string of plastic that hardens quickly and allows them to create all sorts of 3D shapes. There are a couple of different versions that’ll run you between $50 and $100.

Source: The 3D DoodlerSource: The 3D Doodler

GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine

This educational toy is aimed at girls but could teach any kid valuable engineering principles. It comes with all the pieces necessary to easily build a belt drive machine. You also get a storybook and several fun animal figurines.

STEM, girls, toys, holiday gifts, Christmas giftsSource: Popular Science

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies H-Racer 2.0

Batteries are so last year. This remote-controlled car uses solar power and hydrolysis to propel it. Assembling the racer and viewing the technology at work through a transparent top allows kids to learn about renewable energy and have some high-speed fun.

Source: GizmodoSource: Gizmodo

Star Wars BB-8 App Droid

Child Star Wars enthusiasts can now have their very own versions of the series’ new droid hero, BB-8. It might seem like they’re controlling their new friend with the force, but actually the droid connects to a smartphone or tablet for realistic movement.

Source: AmazonSource: Amazon

For the Geeky Middle Schooler

I have a friend who claims she peaked in middle school. I can’t say the same, but I think I might have if I’d had some of these awesome toys.

Sick! Solve This Science

Put your child’s problem-solving skills to the test with this fun experiment kit! Watch as they solve puzzle after puzzle. You can get this kit at Walmart for around $3o.

Source: WalmartSource: Walmart

Camera Kit           

This build-your-own camera kit contains everything your kids need to construct their very own digital camera. Plus, it includes some stuff they probably don’t need but definitely want, like 3D glasses for the camera’s 3D photo mode. This gift will have your electronics/science/artistic-minded young ones cheesin’.

Source: Popular ScienceSource: Popular Science

iPhone Microscope

It seems like kids are getting cell phones when they’re younger and younger these days. If you child has a smart phone or tablet, this gift will be perfect. If they don’t and you’re exceptionally trusting, let them borrow yours! This mini-microscope attaches to your device and zooms in up to 30x to capture images of the microscopic world, all for the minuscule price of $15.

Source: Toys R UsSource: Toys R Us

Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0

Legos are awesome, except for when you step on them. But it’s a lot harder to do that when they’re walking around the house! That’s right. Your kids can build and program their own Lego robot for only $240. Let’s just hope it doesn’t step on you.

Source: GizmodoSource: Gizmodo

For High School Aged Science Buffs

Rule the school’s science fair with these awesome holiday gifts!

Museum Membership

You heard it here first. Museums are the cool place to be for high school kids this year. So get your favorite teen one of the almost endless choices of museum memberships, so they can be cool and learn some stuff too.

Source: Wikimedia CommonsSource: Wikimedia Commons

Laser Maze

What’s cooler than lasers? Nothing, that’s what. Except maybe Laser Maze, a game where the object is to direct the laser into a target using mirrors. The amazing Laser Maze costs $50, but it pays, because your kids will stay dazed in a laser craze for days.

Source: Popular ScienceSource: Popular Science

Night Sky Playing Cards 

Is it written in the stars? Or is it all in the cards? It’s both with this night sky-themed card deck. For only $5.95, your kids can play cards and learn about the constellations all at the same time.

Source: AmazonSource: Amazon

Music Activated Car Stickers

 Ah, high school. It’s a time when many of us get that first taste of freedom: a driver’s license. Alert other motorists that there’s a new driver on the road with these stickers that attach to the window of your vehicle and light up in sync with your music.

Source: AmazonSource: Amazon

For Budding College Aged Scientists 

Whether you’re majoring in science or not, these gifts are the perfect accessory for college kids interested in anything science-y.

Science Beaker Flask Planters

If you major in science in college, you might end up pretty much living in the lab. So why not make your apartment remind you of home a little? Bring the joys of the lab home, and decorate your college apartment with these science beaker flask planters, available on Etsy.

Source: Huffington PostSource: Huffington Post

Carnivorous Plants

If you liked that last home décor idea but want something a little more exotic, consider this carnivorous creature science kit. The kit comes equipped with carnivorous plant seeds, a care guide and an LED-lit terrarium for about $35.

Source: Popular ScienceSource: Popular Science

Galaxy Sweatpants

Nobody has time to put on real pants for class in college, but that doesn’t mean your kit can’t show that they’re ready to learn about awesome stuff like outer space. Give the gift of comfort and style with these far-out galaxy sweatpants.

Source: The HuntSource: The Hunt

Lego Brick USB Flash Drive

College students need to stay organized, and this Lego flash drive is a great way to do that. It’s a real Lego brick, so they can actually use it to build with, in addition to keeping their files safe and accessible. It even comes with an extra brick, just for fun.

Source: AmazonSource: Amazon

Holiday Gifts For Adult Mad Scientists

It’s always the perfect time to flaunt your interest in the geekier things in life. These gifts will bring a smile to the face any of the science-savvy folks on your list.

AMPware iPhone Case

Imagine if your phone case could generate its own power, so you’d never be without a charge. The way this case charges your phone is the really exciting part. There’s a crank attached to the back that generates power anywhere, and in an environmentally friendly way. It sells on Ampware’s website for $89.00.

Periodic Table Cutting Board

Every science enthusiast needs to know the periodic table. Why not review it as you get ready to sit down at the kitchen table? You can realize that dream with this beautiful $20 periodic table cutting board.

Source: Pop SugarSource: Pop Sugar

Freudian Sips Mug

Get psyched for your day with this Freud themed, punny coffee mug. Even the product’s name is a pun! Get it from the Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild for only $15.

Source: AmazonSource: Amazon

Keyboard Waffle Irons

You know what goes great with a Freudian Sips coffee mug? A keyboard waffle iron, obviously! This unique breakfast accessory started out as an art project but thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, is now a reality. Thank goodness!

Source: The Keyboard Waffle IronSource: The Keyboard Waffle Iron


There’s clearly no shortage of unique holiday gifts for the unique geeky, science enthusiasts on your list. Happy shopping!  Anything in particular you hope to get this year? Let me know in the comments below!


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