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Space. The final frontier is in our grasp now more than ever.

In the last fifty years, we’ve put a man into orbit, set foot on the moon, launched countless satellites into orbit and beyond. We’ve learned more about planets within our solar system and celestial bodies outside of its gravitational pull. NASA, JAXA, ESA and Roscosmos inspire new generations to explore space with every successful mission and newly completely equipment.  With the help of private space companies Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, SpaceX and others pave the way for the dawn of a new space race. Where will we boldly go next? What have we already accomplished? Where will the future of space travel take us?

Still not convinced that space is exciting? This article about space exploration might just inspire you.  Check back here for the latest news in space exploration or catch up on the latest intel from the Juno Mission today.

UGC 1810 and UGC 1813 in Arp 273

This New Tool Will Help Us Know More About Galaxies

Read Time: 3 minutes We usually think of facial recognition as a tool for law enforcement, or a way to unlock your iPhone X, but this technology has more applications. A recently published study is exploring the use of facial recognition as a tool to study our neighboring galaxies. How could facial recognition be used in astronomy?

organic materials on Mars

Why Does Mars Contain Organic Materials?

Read Time: 3 minutes With no water, a thin atmosphere and dust storms that can last for months, Mars sin’t exactly conducive to the development of life. But despite the harsh environment, scientists have found organic materials on Mars. How did we find organic materials & how did it get there in the first place?