Refund to Rewards: Splurge on Tech With Your 2016 Tax Returns

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It’s tax return season!

All year long, you worked hard for your income. You were on top of your finances and made sure you saved enough to pay the bills. Now your tax return is coming in, and you just might be able to splurge on something you want.

Luckily for you, there are plenty of high-tech gadgets on the market that should pique your interest. These gadgets can be used for pleasure or business, and they’ll definitely make your life much more entertaining.

Here are some fun tech items broken down by how much money you received from your tax returns.

$0 – $1,000

Samsung Gear VR ($99.99): Do you have a Samsung phone? Congratulations! You can experience the future of technology — virtual reality.

The Samsung Gear VR is a device that lets you get the full virtual reality experience on your Samsung phone. You attach your phone to the headset, and you can look around and take in your virtual surroundings. This is a must-buy gadget for anyone with a Samsung phone.

ICEORB Portable Wireless Floating Bluetooth Speaker ($149.99): This one will be sure to impress all of your friends. This Bluetooth speaker is an orb that floats over a magnetic base. You can spin it in place as it plays your favorite playlist on repeat. It also lights up in the dark and it’s decently priced for a Bluetooth speaker. If you’re going to treat yourself, why not do it with a floating speaker?

Amazon Echo ($179.99): Hey Alexa, how should I spend my tax return money? This is just one of an endless possibility of questions you can ask Amazon’s smart speaker. Not only does it answer any question you have, but it can also control your entire house and meet your every demand.

Want it to play your favorite song? No problem. Want it to turn the lights off? That’s an easy task for Alexa. The Amazon Echo is like Siri on steroids, and it’ll make your life much easier.

iPad Air 2 ($499, $599 or $699): The iPad Air 2 is still the best tablet on the market when it comes to price and size. The latest version of the iPad comes in three different memory sizes — 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB.

iPads are very convenient because of their portability. Let’s face it. You probably spend most of the day sitting at a computer. The last thing you want to do when you get home is sit at another desk just to browse the web. Buy an iPad with your tax returns so you can check Facebook from the couch!

$1,000 – $2,000

InFocus IN3138HD 3D 1080p FLP Projector ($1,149): It’s great to watch movies at home, but nothing quite beats the cinematic experience of going to the movie theatre. With this projector, though, you can get pretty close.

The InFocus Projector is ideal for movies, TV shows, presentations and video games. It also plays 3D videos, which will certainly enhance certain movies. Bring the big screen to your house by spending your tax return money on a 3D projector.

Playseat F1 Racing Chair ($1,399): If you’re a gamer, then you’ll appreciate this product. If you are a racing gamer, then this is an absolute necessity for you. The Playseat F1 is the ultimate gaming chair that simulates a real racing experience. You feel every bump in the road as you lean back and put the pedal to the metal.

$2,000 and over

Samsung JS8500 LED Smart 4K Ultra HDTV ($2,449): This is one of the top, high-end TVs available — and it’s definitely worth it. The screen is curved, and the quality is stunning. This TV is absolutely perfect for movies and video games.

If you’re going to splurge on a TV with your tax returns, this is the one to get. It also might be the last 3D TV Samsung makes, so it could be a collector’s item.

Sony Alpha A7R II Camera  ($3,198.00): If you’re looking for an expensive camera, very few beat Sony’s Alpha A7R II. It has full-frame BSI and 42 megapixels, so all pictures and videos are top quality. If you want a camera that takes professional-looking pictures, then this is the one to get.

DJI Spreading Wings S900 Drone ($3,799.95): There seems to be a lot of talk about drones these days, and you can get your very own to take pictures and video from the sky. Get beautiful shots of the scenery you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise with DJI Spreading Wings S900’s 360-degree camera.

It also has a collapsible frame for easy storage and landing gear that’ll protect the camera. It’ll be cool to be the first person on the block with their very own drone camera!

Treat Yourself

You worked hard all year to earn your money, so treat yourself by spending your tax returns on something you enjoy.

How will you spend your 2016 tax returns?

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