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Nanobots Might Help Us Fight Cancer in the Future

Read Time: 3 minutes Producing, packaging, shipping and disposing of food all take a toll on the Earth. To lessen your environmental impact, it’s time to reduce your food waste. The amount of food waste in wealthy countries could feed the poorest nations. We must solve our food waste problem to feed the world while conserving resources.

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Doctors Start Using CRISPR to Kill Cancer Cells

Read Time: 3 minutes China stands on the cutting edge of cancer treatment with a new therapy using the gene editor CRISPR. The CRISPR gene therapy system could help cure patients with untreatable cancers and other diseases. Now, American doctors plan to conduct a study of their own to attempt to repeat the stunning results from China.

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10 Hobbies With Health Benefits

Read Time: 5 minutes Did you know some activities can also improve your overall wellness? Certain activities have amazing health benefits. Taking on a hobby will not only give you a new skill set to be proud of and a new lease on life.