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conserve biodiversityScience is an ever-present phenomenon. It is happening around us, in us, everywhere you can imagine and everywhere you couldn’t possibly imagine! Schooled By Science is an everyday science blog that addresses the scientific discoveries, events and reactions that we encounter in our everyday lives and in some very unsuspecting ways! 

Have you ever thought of the science behind sports? When a quarterback is throwing the ball, he is not just looking for an open wide receiver, he is mentally calculating the ball’s vectors so when he throws it, the ball reaches the teammate he is targeting and not the opposing team’s hands.  

What about when you made breakfast today? When cooking the raw egg, you created a chemical reaction the second you dropped the egg into the pan! Remember eating rock candy as a child? This is another fun example of how we experience science all around us. 

Most scientific discoveries are explained in very technical ways. The goal of Schooled By Science is to breakdown these complex scientific discoveries and talk about them in short, easy to understand articles! 

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