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This Earth is the only Earth we have. The environment we grow up influences our health and well-being. It’s our responsibility to protect it. Without proper action, it’ll become inhospitable over time. Easy to understand environmental articles help educate those who may not know the extent of the problem.
There is a lot of talk in the news today about climate change, sustainability, and renewable resources.  The resources we use directly impact on the environment. Pollutants can harm the air, water, and all food sources. People want to shift away from fossil fuels because they aren’t sustainable. They release pollutants and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. 
Renewables are resources which naturally replenish. Examples of renewable energy include wind, solar, biomass, hydrothermal energy, and geothermal energy. Some even consider nuclear energy renewable, although that comes with its own dangers. Climate change plays a part in the increased demand for renewable energy. We now realize that our past dependence on fossil fuels, among other environmental issues, lead to an increase in global temperature. We must protect and preserve the environment.
Living sustainably means making a conscious effort to maintain a healthy environment. Reduce your carbon footprint. Moderate your energy and food consumption. Reduce excess waste. While it may seem small, any way you positively contribute to the environment is for the better.  We as a global society have much to learn from the 2016 climate agreement.  Bees are dying off and the Great Barrier Reef is still in jeopardy. To counteract climate change we need to come together and take action to fight against pollution and create conversations that promote conservation. Check this page regularly to see our latest easy to understand environmental articles.