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Look closely or you’ll miss it.

Were you paying attention? The chemical reactions in your screen made it possible to read this. Why is chemistry important?

It is the branch of science pertaining to classifying substances of matter.  It looks into the base forms of elements and studies how these elements react, change, and combine to form new chemicals.

Chemistry is the central science because it’s central to everyday life.  You need chemistry for baking and cooking. It tells the leaves when to change colors in the fall and helps the fermentation process in beer, wine, cheese, and yogurt.  The batteries that power your smartphone, portable game, and wireless headphones all rely on electrochemical or redox reactions. You even conduct a mini science experiment every time you use your favorite cologne or perfume – find out why!

And next time you go to bake your favorite dessert or charge your phone, be sure to thank the chemical reactions that make it possible.

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