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Megan Ray Nichols
Freelance STEM Writer & Blogger

I’m glad you stopped by!  I’m a huge fan of all things nerdy, geeky and unusual. Schooled By Science is an attempt to make the most exciting scientific discoveries easier to understand and encourage others to join the conversation.


2010 - 2014

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Bachelor of the Arts (B.A.) | Creative Writing

My love affair with the sciences began at an early age after a trip to the planetarium. During high school, I actively participated in Science Olympiad. I’ve built model bridges, engineered Rube Goldberg contraptions, and tested my knowledge of the cosmos. But by the time I turned 18, I recognized that as I got older, the theories and formulas they taught in my classes increased in difficulty.  I always disliked that scientists had a knack for explaining complex topics in complex ways. Wasn’t there an easier way to explain it? During college, I learned it was possible to break down complex ideas and instructions into vernacular. Since I never lost my love of the science,  last year I thought I’d start a blog about my favorite subjects and try my and at freelancing.

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2016 - Present

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