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Hi, I’m Megan!nicholsheadshot

I’m glad you stopped by!  I’m a huge fan of all things nerdy, geeky and unusual.

My love affair with the sciences began at an early age. I fell in love with the stars at a friend’s birthday party at the planetarium. Since then I always find my eyes drawn towards the heavens. It’s impossible to feel alone when you are surrounded by so many beacons of light.  With each passing year my curiosity grew and expanded to new scientific studies.  During high school, I actively participated in Science Olympiad. I’ve built model bridges, engineered Rube Goldberg contraptions, and tested my knowledge of the cosmos.

But by the time I turned 18, I recognized that as I got older, the theories and formulas they taught in my classes increased in difficulty.  I always disliked that scientists had a knack for explaining complex topics in complex ways. Wasn’t there an easier way to explain it?

Lucky for me I took a technical writing course in college. I learned it was possible to break down complex ideas and instructions into vernacular. I had to know more!  This decision ultimately lead me to major in English. But don’t think I lost my enthusiasm for science!  I still took more than the required general education courses to learn more about meteorology, astronomy, psychology, and natural disasters.

This blog is an attempt to make the most interesting scientific discoveries and current discussions easier to understand!  It’s the brainchild of my love of writing and discovery. As a freelance science writer, I’m also blessed to correspond with many science bloggers and journalists. I’m a regular contributor to Datafloq, The Energy Collective and David Reneke’s World of Space.

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